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At Evergreen, we are often asked by customers why Magnesium is such an important mineral for their health. The answer is simple: your body needs adequate levels of magnesium for optimal health and wellbeing. This essential nutrient is responsible for over 300 functions within the body.

The body requires magnesium to help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium also plays an important role in helping the body’s muscles and nervous system to function normally. Magnesium can also help to relieve muscle tension, aid skeletal strength, promote skin health, increase energy levels and improve joint flexibility.

Magnesium in the form of a spray may provide relief from pain caused by migraines. A recent study was conducted to see if a magnesium spray could have a positive effect on migraine suffers. The study showed that magnesium can have beneficial effects on migraines when a magnesium oil spray is applied twice daily. The findings from the research showed that over 50% of the sample group felt that the magnesium spray had a positive effect and over 70% experienced a significant improvement in the severity and frequency of migraines.

Magnesium deficiency is quite common: Did you know that many people have a dietary deficiency in magnesium? There are a number of factors that cause a deficiency to be present. The number one reason is diet! A large amount of people fail to eat enough foods which are rich in magnesium. Unfortunately, many of us are unknowingly deficient in this essential mineral. There are many noticeable signs of magnesium deficiency such as anxiety, irritability, muscle spasms, restless legs syndrome, constipation and insomnia.

Good sources of magnesium: Magnesium can be found in dark green vegetables like kale, broccoli and spinach. It can also be found in seeds and nuts, especially pumpkin seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts. It is important to note that modern farming practices have reduced the nutritional content of many foods and foods which should be rich in magnesium are often seriously lacking nutritionally. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as insomnia, anxiety, or cramps, it may be a good idea to consider a magnesium supplement.

The most effective way to get magnesium into your system fast and effectively is through your body’s largest organ – the skin. This is known as ‘dermal absorption’. The skin is porous and has millions of tiny openings through which substances can be absorbed directly into the body. This delivery method is becoming more popular for food supplementation because it is really effective and convenient for people.

BetterYou Magnesium: The ‘BetterYou’ range of magnesium is a real favourite with Evergreen customers. BetterYou uses only high quality and 100% natural ingredients in their products. They believe that natural ingredients are better absorbed and utilised by our bodies than more commonly used synthetic ingredients.

They are available in convenient spray bottles and flakes. The best time to apply magnesium sprays is when your skin is slightly warm after a shower or bath. Simply spray and rub it in for a moment, it may tingle for a few minutes, but this is the magnesium working its way down to your muscles and tissues. If you have pain in a certain area, such as the legs or abdomen, be sure to spray the magnesium directly onto that area. The magnesium flakes are ideal for both baths and foot soaks. The flakes offer a super relaxing experience, while also providing your body with essential levels of magnesium.

If you have any questions about these products feel free to call into your local Evergreen health food store. And remember at all Evergreen stores you can save 20% on selected BetterYou magnesium sprays and flakes during the month of August.

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