Unemployment in West falls by 48%

in Politics

Figures released today by the Central Statistics Office show that the number of people unemployed in the West has fallen dramatically – from 36,700 in Quarter 2 of 2011 to 19,100 in Quarter 2 of 2016.

Minister of State Seán Kyne said the 48% decrease was thanks to ‘careful management of the economy and the success of the Action Plans for Jobs’, bringing the number of unemployed to its lowest level since 2008.

Minister Kyne added: ‘Our ambition now is to help create 200,000 new jobs by 2020, including 135,000 outside of Dublin. So far this year 36,000 new jobs have been created. These include over 1,600 jobs in Galway at companies including Proxy Biomedical (35 jobs), SiteMinder, (100 jobs), Glan Agua (60 jobs) and Wayfair (160 jobs).

‘The upcoming Budget will be another step in this country’s recovery, and we will introduce new measures to mitigate the impact of Brexit, focus on job creation and invest in new services. Nothing will be contemplated that will jeopardise our recovery because each new job created leads to more resources to address the challenges facing our county and country.’