Carraroe boil notice ‘damns Irish Water’

A boil notice issued for the water supply in the Carraroe area is ‘a damning indictment of the incompetence of Irish Water’.

This is the view of Sinn Féin Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh, who told the Journal that the only

viable solution was ‘to reinstate plans to finish the Casla Regional Water Scheme – which Irish Water scrapped’.

Senator Ó Clochartaigh said: ‘Irish Water were ordered by the EPA to have this water scheme upgraded by last November and no progress whatsoever has been made.

‘The people of Carraroe and surrounding areas who are supplied from this source are incensed that they must now boil water due to the presence of cryptosporidium.

‘This supply has been substandard for years and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have indicated that there has been insufficient protection for cryptosporidium, and that [chemical compounds] THMs in the water are much higher than accepted levels.

‘Despite constant lobbying […] Irish Water have failed utterly to have this treatment plant upgraded. They seem to have no plan and no great urgency to address this issue. Equally, the EPA have been far too lenient with Irish Water.

‘The solution is clear to people living locally. We must reinstate the plans to finish the Casla Regional Water Scheme – which Irish Water scrapped when they were established.

‘The first half of this scheme was finished by Galway County Council and all the relevant planning permissions were in place to finish it. The only issue outstanding was to provide the €10m funding to complete the works.

‘The future of [our] water infrastructure is up for debate at a national level and the Casla Scheme must be included in [these] discussions. Nothing less will be acceptable.’