Looking after your skin is vital, and for the best results it needs to be a long-term routine of various products, staying hydrated and sometimes using supplements on the side. However, every now and then there is a skincare emergency and we need a pick-me-up that will work fast! Here are some tips for that skincare SOS, and some saviour product recommendations!

If your skin is feeling and looking dull, or if after a few hours of wearing make-up you find it loses that polished look that it had when you applied it, the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner is perfect! It provides an instant hydration boost, can be spritzed on bare skin or over make-up to brighten, refresh and soothe. You can keep this with you, and your skin will always have that healthy, dewy glow. If your skin is feeling really dry, a good-quality facemask can be a great way to moisturise the night before an event – and don’t forget, dry skin is a skin type and can be flaky and rough; dehydrated skin is tight and dull and better treated by drinking lots of water and applying aloe vera.

Tired eyes? As we enjoy the long summer days, it can lead into late nights and early starts, leaving you with puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles. To instantly lift and rejuvenate, the Kinvara Skincare Eye Wow Eye Serum is formulated with a powerful blend of 12 plant extracts, including fig, green coffee, horse chestnut and wonderfully cooling cucumber. It absorbs superfast, but leaves the under eye feeling plump, firm, and more comfortable for a long time. The rollerball is perfect as it deters any pulling of the delicate periorbital skin, and it can be gently rolled along the top of the zygomatic bone, also known as the cheekbone. 

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