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Treatment for underlying dementia causes

Dementia is defined as a decline in the mental ability to function socially or at work. It is considered irreversible. Early signs and symptoms include deterioration of memory, judgement, enthusiasm, and creativity. ...

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Is there a natural treatment for acne?

The medical treatment of acne includes antibiotics (oral and topical), birth control pills, and topical corticosteroids.  Natural medicine uses other approaches. Acne may be related to excess blood sugar fluctuation. In...

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Skincare SOS!

Looking after your skin is vital, and for the best results it needs to be a long-term routine of various products, staying hydrated and sometimes using supplements on the side. However, every now and then there is a skincare...

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Help your kids get the most out of summer

With another school year completed, it’s time for kids around the country to enjoy their time off; be that on vacation, at summer camps, or simply by getting outdoors. To ensure they can make the best of it, here are some summer...

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